We founded Genome Health Solutions in 2011 with this mission. The rapid pace of discovery and change in cancer diagnosis and care has created a wide gap between what is possible and what is available for precision diagnosis and personalized treatment. Our Crosswalk™ suite of solutions provides the means to close this gap, to educate and inform, enable and implement precision medicine today. We believe that, by empowering doctors and patients with new knowledge and tools, we can improve outcomes and optimize the use of healthcare resources.

Precision Medicine Readiness

We assess the current capabilities of your organization and provide you with a detailed roadmap and plan to incorporate precision diagnostics and medicine into your practice and market.

Molecular Education

Our educational products and services help oncologists, pathologists, surgeons and other members of healthcare delivery teams to learn about and apply precision medicine in their practices.

Precision Medicine Solutions

We can help you implement your roadmap with cost-effective outsourced or insourced solutions for precision diagnostics with protocols, process and technologies for molecular medicine.

Decision Support

Our powerful technology platforms and extensive network of experts can provide management and operational excellence and assistance in delivering advanced care for your patients.